RAID Catalog (DTE)

Prototype for accessing raid catalog from new homepage design

Fab Allocation (DTE)

Prototype for adding new FSC to FC table in the RAID Catalog

Add New FSC (DTE)

Prototype for updating fab allocation data in the wire bundle assembly

Consumption UI v1

Prototype for selecting ADCNs to consume from EEC into EIC

Consumption UI v2

Added ability to select by group of change authorities

Consumption UI v3

Added color-coded change summary count, and associate part instance ID service

Consumption UI v4

Added improved drilldown functionality through tabbing

Consumption UI v5

Changed entry point to flow, improved drilldown functionality

Consumption UI v6

Added group by functionality, set by purpose type, and select baseline type

Dash Match v1

Prototype for entering ME Planning screen through Manage by popup on homepage

Dash Match v2

Removed popup, and changed homepage from drawing-based to role-based

Dash Match v3

Updated role-based homepage design and split ME Planning into multiple screens

Dash Match v4

Added new entrypoint from Tools section and split scratchpad and B2H into two screens

Dash Match v5

Added show configuration tab for split effs, and improved drilldown functionality

ELAT UI Design v1

Prototype for Electrical Loading tab, under the Equipment Loads CB Detail

ELAT UI Design v2

Removed Custom UI elements, moved UI outside of Dash Tab form

ELAT UI Design v3

Moved and swapped requested fields for electrical loading tab

Query Redesign v1

Prototype for run query data source/level selection

Homepage Redesign

Prototype that allows for toggling between drawing-based and role-based homepage

Controlled By UI

Prototype for new controlled by section within Create New Dash

Select Baseline Type

Prototype for selecting baseline type, either use template or existing design

Equipment Detail

Prototype for Equipment Detail with updated field alignment under Nomenclature